Candy Crush Saga Information

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The game is a variation of “match three” games such as Bejeweled. Each level has a different shaped game board filled with candies of three to six different colors and sometimes obstacles. The basic move of the game consists of swapping two candies’ positions to align sets of three of the same color, whereupon they disappear, causing candies above them to collapse into the space left behind, often resulting in chain reactions. Moves and alignments must be horizontal/vertical. The level’s objectives must be met before the player runs out of moves (or time on timed levels). Board size is 9×9 maximum.

Candies make up most of the game. Get at least 3 in a row to turn them into points. The several different colors and shapes are:

Color              Candy Name:

Red                  Jelly Bean
Orange           Lozenge
Yellow         Lemon Drop
Green               Square
Blue            Lollipop Head
Purple             Cluster


In all levels, there are three target scores, corresponding to the number of “stars” that the player will get. A player has to meet the lowest of these scores in order to pass the level.

There are five different types of level objectives.

Target Score: The player only has to achieve the lowest score target.

Jelly: Some of the squares on the board are encased in “jelly”. The player must match the candies on top of the jelly to eliminate one or two layers of it from the board using a set number of moves. Double Jelly was introduced in Level 18.

Ingredients: Special unmatchable game pieces (cherries and hazelnuts) appear on the board. The player must clear the pieces beneath them, collapsing the pieces down, and to get them to a delivery point using a set number of moves. A menu appears on screen to tell the player how many ingredients are needed to win the game.

Timed: The player must meet the minimum score within a set time limit. Special +5 seconds candies appear on the board to add time to the clock.

Objectives: The player must collect a specific number of colored candies, special candies, or special candy combinations using a set number of moves.

Level 426 might have a new Level Type

Target Score: First appears on Level 1 and ends on Level 144.  There are a total of 14 appearances in the game.

Jelly: First appears on Level 6 and ends on Level 424.  There are a total of 179 appearances in the game.

Ingredients: First appears on Level 11 and ends on Level 422.  There are a total of 102 appearances in the game.

Timed: First appears on Level 20 and ends on Level 403.  There are a total of 35 appearances in the game.

Objectives: First appears on Level 126 and ends on Level 425.  There are a total of 95 appearances in the game.

Life system

The player is given a default number of five lives, with each life restored after a half hour. If the player fails to meet the objective of the level or the player fails to meet the minimum score, a life is deducted. The player has the option of asking friends for more lives, or buying a life restoring item.

Facebook version: You cannot save lives that people send you. If you are at the maximum number of lives you are allowed to have, any lives sent to you will be lost.

Mobile version: You can save lives that people send you. However, if your Facebook session expires, or if you update Candy Crush to a newer version, then you will lose all the lives you saved.

Sugar Crush

If the player succeeds in reaching the goal in the Jelly, Ingredients, or Objectives levels, after all moves have been used in Target Score levels, or after the time has run out in Timed levels, the game performs a “Sugar Crush”, an automatic bonus round where the player’s remaining moves (if any) are used to increase the score through creating various special candies on the board.
The Sugar Crush begins by triggering all of the players’ Special Candies one by one according to several priority rules. After there is no Special Candy present in the board, the player’s remaining moves are converted to Special Candies as follows:

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